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Uniqueness of CARC

CARC is a well-established team, with expertise in neuro-rehabilitation for the past 10 years. We have services such as outpatient units and home-based services for various neurological and geriatric cases. Understanding the need and importance, CARC has developed its own model for rehabilitation.  The uniqueness of CARC is in its cohesive whole model. We start with the involvement of the Senior Neurologist, Senior Physiotherapist and Mental Health Practitioner by evaluating the patient’s condition in detail, followed by setting a goal together as a team, and providing intervention on the same. Here, we reintegrate the patient to their premorbid life and create a new way of life with the help of Assistive Devices, Environmental Modification, Support groups and Financial Independence. 
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CARC- Hands-on Neurological Physiotherapy at CARC!

We a CARC  offer patient specific and specialised Neurological Physiotherapy  treatment. Helping each client and patient to work towards improving their  movement, lifestyle and confidence. We, following a stroke or neurological condition such as Parkinson’s,  multiple sclerosis, vestibular dysfunction and adults who were born with  cerebral palsy. We have worked with many people who have had a stroke, both recently or a  long time ago. With in weeks and months following a stroke, recovery can be  accelerated and optimised by specific hands-on treatment. Our team and  physiotherapists have many years’ experience, activating and  re-aligning muscles and joints by physically moving the patient’s body.  We work together to improve movement quality and although everybody is  different, if we work hard it is invariably possible to make a positive impact in  your life. Exercise is therapy ! We are always happy to discuss individual requirements and explore suitability  for treatment over t